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Manufacturers from all over the world have been buying from Greatex and its distributors for over 27 years. Our fabrics, colors, and patterns are influenced by the diversity of our design team and customer base.

Product development is ongoing at Greatex and our intimate textile knowledge helps us develop at every challenging turn. Greatex is a family owned, 3 generation business, looking for creativity and innovation from our design teams in our quest to develop a more recognized and sought after brand identity. .

Greatex has partnered with an Italian velvet mill and launched the brand Eurolux® by Greatex, consisting of beautiful, luxurious, and high quality Italian made upholstery fabrics.  Luxury cotton velvets in 44 colors, polyester velvets  in 42 colors plus various other wools and wool blends, all well suited to the designer, contract, and furniture industries.

Performance fabrics are currently in high demand in the market place. Revive Textiles® by Greatex answers the call for performance. This range of performance fabrics is made up of textures and soft plains.

SMW® is a designer branded, 100% recycled wool, made in Italy. It is designed and created by Scot Meechum Woods and is a beautiful range of soft wool tartan fabrics available in a wide range of colors, coordinated with a plain to match.

Noble District home accessories® by Greatex is a Canadian brand of finished products for the home. Modern, contemporary influenced designs make up this unique and high value product line.

Sir Barkley is a brand of custom, luxury, memory foam dog beds that customers can design to match their home décor while spoiling their pets.

Greatex is dedicated to being a truly global company. Greatex Mills is currently selling in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, China , Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries.

Greatex Mills is an experienced and diversified supplier of textile materials for the furniture industry.

We welcome you to contact us for all of your textile needs.