Noble District

Noble District 

Noble District Home Accessories are not your typical products.   Designed in montreal Canada the look is both contemporary and chic. Every sofa or bed can be decorated with our soft luxurious throws in the beautiful colors and textures  that you will love in your home. Our throws are good for a cool summer night or to keep warm in the winter time. One side is made from a soft silky and sensuous   velvet  fabric  while the other side sports an elegant digitally  printed modern fabric for todays look. The large size of each throw is perfect for taller people too.

Would you like to cover your windows with the  Noble District Gromet Drapery Panels?. These heavy weight fabrics are perfect to beautify  your house. Many of today’s  colors and textures are available. The high sewing quality combined with the weight of the fabric and the bottom weights included mean that the  curtains hang very nicely. Your friends will love these window treatments.

Coming soon are Noble District feather stuffed over sized pillows in the same fabrics as the throws. Mix and match the throw and pillows and for comfort you cannot beat these pillows. With 1000 grams or 2.2 pounds of feather you could relax on your sofa or bed while covering yourself with the throw. For smaller sized cushion needs we have our kidney sized cushions  available in most of the designs.

Decorate your home with Noble District products and let your neibors be envious of what you bought.

Noble District
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