Revive Textiles

Revive Textiles



The choice for eco-friendly furniture protection.
Fabrics produced with the latest fiber technology using
Olefin, a synthetic textile made from polyolefin.

Resistant to abrasions, strains,
sunlight, fire and chemicals

Low-moisture absorption,
easily wipe away liquids
and dries quickly

Safe and secure

Strong and colourfast

Lowest static fiber and medium luster



Safer & more effective than its predecessor,
the new and improved C6 telomere is a chemical
compound created for long-term protection
against water -and oil- based spills.

New Environmental
Protection Agency standard

Best overall performance for both
water and oil repellency

Made with a strong chemical bond

More purified than its predecessor

Prevents soil from adhering to the fabric

Prolongs product life

Brand Name
Revive Textiles
Home textiles, cleanability